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  • FREE to join--your information is held in-house.
  • FREE golf when you opt into our Birthday Club offered yearly. *Use Customer Awards Card at each visit.
  • Earn Award $$$ for golf and cart fees purchases.
  • Redeem $$$for golf and cart fees after 1st visit--not valid for leagues, outings, or tournaments.
  • You will receive 2 or 3 emails a month with upcoming event and\or specials.
  • Ca$h @ the Creek is subject to change and cancellation without notice.

Birthday Club:

  • Join our Birthday Club by giving us your email address.
  • Must return our 'opt in' email with your birth date otherwise we don't know when to send your coupon.  
  • Near your birthday--adjustments have been made for off season dates--receive a coupon for a your FREE golf when you bring a paying golfer and both players pay cart fee.
  • Free round M-F and after 1:30 pm Saturday and Sunday--extra fee before 1:30 Saturday and Sunday.

Mill Creek Golf Club
7259 Penn Road
Ostrander, OH 43061